How it started

Tonke campers is founded by Maarten van Soest in 2005. Friends asked him to tow a big old gypsy cart with a four wheel drive to their residence in France: ‘...It was a beautiful summer when we travelled over the great wheat plains of Northern France. The farmers were just done with the harvest, so I towed the gipsy cart every evening across the fields to the hilltops, to see the wildlife and the sunset. When we got home two major things happened in our life: my wife gave birth to our first child, Tonke, and I made the first Tonke Camper. It had the combination of some of the good things in life: a safe and modern truck, a sailing-yacht style interior, and roughly the exterior aesthetics of the gypsy carts. I sold this truck to a well known comedian here in Holland and I began to built a second camper. This is how Tonke Campers started…’



Today Tonke Campers has grown to stay little. Every vehicle is designed and built to order in our own workshop. Standard models and customs solutions all get the same skillful attention. Because we have the whole process from designing to assembly and building in our own hands we can, if needed, make custom solutions. A Tonke is a small piece of art which we built with the customers’ desires at main focus. We like customers to challenge us to built something beautiful for them, and we are only happy if we succeed to inspire the customer with our product.